Little Halos Day School is an Arlington Massachusetts based Preschool that provides a three-fold program of the
English/Greek Language, Hellenic culture, and Orthodox Faith
within a developmental framework of play-based learning.

The Arlington MA based St. Athanasius Little Halos Day School is committed to providing students with a quality education that emphasizes social, emotional, cultural and spiritual development through play. Our belief is that children are active learners, explorers, experimenters, and artists. In our child-centered classrooms, the children have many opportunities to learn about our Greek heritage and Orthodox religion through play, which provide the fundamental building blocks for academic learning. 

The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is famously known for his Socratic Method but within his philosophical model he emphasized the importance of identity development.  At Little Halos, we instill the values expressed by the Socratic model of “know thyself” (“γνώθι σε εαυτόν”-“gnothi se afton”). This foundation serves children in developing a strong identity, enabling them to become insightful and compassionate members of society.